Personal Investment Portal

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A service called Personal Investment Portal (PIP) is only offered by BlueStone Fund Management. You may use your PIP from any mobile or online device to view all of your funds and assets in one location round-the-clock. You may instantly check your financial portfolio and fund information thanks to PIP. Therefore, PIP has you covered whether you are searching for a current appraisal of your portfolio, want to evaluate how well you are doing in relation to your goals, or just want to get in contact.

Secured Personal Account

PIP gives you access to a secure personal account which also contains all of your financial records safely and conveniently online. This is far safer and more convenient than keeping them idle and yielding nothing.

Access to Capital Assets

A further service that enables you to compile data from credit card and bank accounts, providing you with insightful analysis. Additionally, you will get alerts about your spending and saving patterns and be able to monitor your progress toward your planned objectives.

Connect Portfolio Manager

With emails and posts increasingly open to being intercepted, we treat the security of the data shared with us confidentially. PIP provides you with a secure messaging service, so you can quickly get in touch with your Adviser knowing that all information shared is encrypted and completely confidential.

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